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Asthma Treatment in Agoura Hills

Treatment for asthma is provided for two main purposes – to suppress symptoms and to prevent future asthma attacks. Depending on the severity of your asthma symptoms, your doctor may recommend one or more of the following medications:

A reliever medication

Reliever medications relax air passageway muscles and make it easy to breathe when your symptoms are getting worse or when you have an asthma attack. Relievers are meant to be used at most once a week. If you use a reliever medicine more often than that, then you should see your doctor for further testing and potential recommendation of an alternative medication.

A preventer medication

The active ingredient in preventer medications helps reduce inflammation in air passageways. The medicine is supposed to be taken every day even when you are not experiencing any symptoms.

A symptom controller

Controller medications are those taken multiple times a day whether or not you have asthma symptoms. Just like preventer medications, their work is to prevent swelling and inflammation of air passageways. This reduces irritation and muscle constriction and helps reduce your symptoms. Symptom controllers usually take several days to a few weeks to work.

A combination medicine

Combination medications are concoctions of symptom controllers and preventer medications.

All asthma treatment is designed to control the symptoms of your condition such that:

  • You don't experience symptoms more than twice a week
  • Your asthma doesn't hinder you from going about your daily activities normally
  • You don't have to use your reliever medicine on three or more days a week
  • Your symptoms do not get worse at night and in the morning when you wake up


Managing your asthma means regaining full control of your health and life. Check with our asthma doctor in Agoura Hills today for a comprehensive assessment of your condition and guidance on how to manage your symptoms.