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Premature Infants in Agoura Hills

Babies born before the 37th week of gestation are considered premature. While recent advancements have reduced mortality rates from premature births, preemies face an increased risk of complications immediately after birth and later in their lives. Mothers are advised to watch out for these complications:

Breathing difficulties

If your baby is born before the 30th week, they may struggle breathing on their own. Doctors get around this issue by either intubating the baby or using a CPAP device – the same device used on adults with sleep apnea. More complicated conditions such as chronic lung cancer and bronchiolitis may also arise from lung immaturity.

Feeding problems

Premature babies or preemies may get bacterial attack on part of the bowel, which the doctor may eventually have to cut off. To prevent gut complications, babies born before 29 weeks

should be fed small amount of food every few hours.

Eye issues

A condition known as Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) inhibits the normal development of blood vessels in the retina. Babies under this risk include those born before the 31st week of gestation, those weighing less than 1250 grams and those on high amounts of oxygen. Mild cases of the condition normally improve naturally.


Contact with a sick adult is one of the causes of infections. Your baby can also be infected if IV lines are inserted for prolonged periods. To prevent it, visitors and parents are screened for illness and handlers are advised to practice good hand hygiene.

Brain injury

Brain bleed or hemorrhage is not uncommon in children born before 32 weeks. Cases vary from mild to severe, with some babies ending up with cerebral palsy as a result. The best way to prevent brain injury is by increasing positive stimuli such as parental voices and parental touch.

If your baby has been delivered prematurely, the attention of a qualified professional is needed to keep serious health risks at bay. Contact Kids and Teens in Agoura Hills today for emergency assistance.